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Comment 12 by orandj
… but I'm open to suggestions …
… rest assured, I'm not getting rich doing this! …

No you won’t get rich. But you shouldn’t get poor either! And I certainly appreciate how long it takes to organise something like this.

If finance is tight, have you considered other fund-raising activities on the side?

So it doesn’t appear I offer little but criticism, here’s an idea: How about a raffle on the last night after the trail? (A bit naff I know, but it might work) Sell tickets at a quid each. (Most people will buy at least a strip of five).

Agitate for donated prizes: local companies’ products, hotel meal coupons, that sort of thing. And of course participants can bring something if they wish. If you end up with anything high value you can auction it instead. What about people who post or lurk on this forum? Come on ladies and gentlemen, who’d send something in as raffle prize?

I assume you are Chris Jenord the Man In Charge? All you need do is publish an address which can receive parcels and see what happens. Many companies and individuals might be delighted to be associated with an appeal.

It’s only a local raffle with low-value prizes so no tedious Gambling Commission regulations apply: you just do it. Should raise enough to cover some exes and hopefully ensure you don’t need to tap the RDFRS stash. Ideally you make a donation to them instead.

I’m an amateur book collector: I'd chuck in a spare 1972 First Edition of Selfish Gene which I have laying about. You might ask Richard to sign it, maybe with something like ‘Presented at the 2012 Ancestors’ Trail.’ He may be willing to do that!

Any other ideas?

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