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This is a symptom of what happens when you let religion have reign over something like love.

How in the world did this happen? AHH, yes! Evolution via natural selection.

Religion poisons everything. Equality is the antidote. Why give religious people the power to say who you can love and who get's benefits from that love? I think it's another case of religion attaching itself to everything it can make use of. It has some sort of authority over love because it knows it can use it to it's benefit to create an inequality for those who they hate. Why do we give them this power? Why is marriage not completely 100% secular? How did this happen? Why aren't we changing it in spades?

Ahh, yes. Most of you atheists are married! You silly lemmings. You signed up for this, now you can't complain. You joined the club, now you're upset with it's rules. Well, don't join the fucking club, then. Make your own and make sure it's equal. Don't stop until that happens. Don't try to change the religious club, MAKE YOUR OWN WITH EQUALITY BUILT IN!

It's the same with the religious nations we find ourselves in. Let them have it. IF all non believers left the major countries and moved to say Africa, or Antarctica (anything starting with an 'A') we would be on our way to creating a truly equal future, where religious people can't ride our backs and benefit from our science. They don't want it, no problem. Atheists need to wake up and realize that their strategy so far has been majorly focused on conversion. We never thought of how many we may convert simply by creating a place for people to gather, live, thrive. Find our own place and make the rules is the takeaway here. Let's invade Canada and watch them convert nearly 100% in the matter of a couple years.

Again, you joined the club, now you complain about the rules that were set forth before you joined. Silly you. Stop joining bigoted clubs.

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