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Yes, I agree with others sentiments. There should definitely be a voice for conscience here, in this situation.

They, after all, did a great deal in lieu of lying and covering up facts. Therefore, the noble, or moral course of action is to work toward restitution and restoring the information they so readily lead others away from.

Yes, let's not make a get out of responsibility free card for ex clergy. We would only be making things worse if we simply made an easy fallback for clergy. Then there would be almost zero consequences for lying to children, etc.

You could effectively become a priest, disseminate evil preachment and then be onto another high paying job after you choose that the clergy occupation is no longer for you. We would create an atmosphere where there are zero consequences for those vile actions. Let's not forget about that.

To make things easier for them to simply go "OOPS" and then be on their way to a well paying job would be almost worse than preaching the vile nonsense ourselves. I think it would probably serve everyone involved better if we made it impossible for them to simply move on. They should have to explain, or preach the opposition to what they preached for so long. Undo the damage they caused, so to speak. Yes, we should help them do that, but we shouldn't just make an easy out (before you say, "OMG, none of these people have it easy", realize that they actually do have it much better than those who they neglect and even preach hatred against, sorry) and effectively contribute to their financial turn around.

I would think that giving that opportunity to people being used as indentured servants/farm equipment would be much more of a priority, but then again the squeaky wheel does get the most oil...

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