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I was speaking about their supposed moral superiority, or innocence, as they like to portray themselves. Well, how about doing some good works, to attempt to reconcile all the wrong they've done?

Pay them to do this? Sorry, are we paying them to do this now? Am I payed to do this? Are you a bit naive?

Yes, the clergy project is talking about retraining and placement. That means that they would have a very good chance to get a well paying job, especially if they have a whole litter of kids, like usual.

The sub-prime mortgage salesman didn't act solely to create the financial crisis, whereas these people the very arbiters of morality and philosophy for millions/billions of people. The salesman didn't tell them to take anything on faith, no matter what you might imagine. The analogy is close, but not when examined.

Also, who says the sub-prime mortgage salespeople shouldn't be and aren't trying to help correct those mistakes?

Again, your first point is irrelevant. No one pays me to educate theists. No one needs to pay them. I'm a starving artist and I still break my back to make ends meet. Maybe they should just be going for the jobs that are available to EVERYONE.

What kind of jobs do you think they need this training they are proposing?

Training to work at Mcdonalds? No, they train you on the spot...

The kind of training they are talking about is for the professional field. If these people really wanted a job there are plenty of resources open to everyone, which I have done myself and continue to do. They don't want to lower themselves to work a labor job and to that I say "BOO FUCKING HOO"

Why are you so naive?

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