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I'm not sure where this idea that of changing careers is a hop into a well paying job? Theology is not much of a qualification for most jobs, and retraining does not usually offer any guarantees!

It's not like anyone here has not had to re-invent themselves through circumstances unforeseen and beyond their control is it? Not always for an improved life either.


Why are these people privileged? Why can't they be bothered to work like the rest of us?

It's because of the class that the religious have enjoyed for so long. They are above us all and if some of them turn out to be not so religious, they are still held higher than the rest of us. It's disgusting, I'm sick of living as a lower class citizen simply for being more intelligent than the majority. It's beyond ironic and it needs to change asap. Stupidity is rewarded and intelligence is punished. I'm going to end up getting sick of it all and move to some remote part of the planet, say fuck you all.

I literally broke my back working hard labor since I was 13. I have a spinal injury and tore my Spinae Majora. I have constant pain that reminds me of the incredibly hard work I had to do to survive.

Now, you're telling me that the people who did the opposite and road like kings in a chariot on my back and my work are worth more than me, intrinsically when you say that these people need these extra services that were never mentioned or available in my case. No one payed for me to find another job, in fact, I lost money each time I had to switch jobs, got fired (for being an atheist no less), or when I injured myself and my boss fired me. Where were these social programs you think clergy NEED in order to get on with their lives?

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