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No one, that I'm aware of, has mentioned the possibility that the child she adopts (or anyone in her position) wouldn't be predisposed to be depressed, as well.

Her, "get a loner baby if you don't want to breed with your nasty genes" doesn't stand up to the test of analytic thought.

For one, the people giving their baby up for adoption might have far worse a disorder than simply depression.

Also, if we all adopted (pun intended) her philosophy, we would all be adopting the children of people who obviously cannot be responsible enough to take care of a child. Therefore, the child would still inherit some possible negative side effect, especially considering the lack of intelligence, care, ability of their parents. (no one just gives their child up for the fuck of it)

Remember, these people aren't just having a few too many kids and then give a few away for adoption. These children are coming from some of the worst case scenarios. You might end up with a child with even worse depression, in other words. So, her idea falls apart at the outset, not to mention the lack of her knowledge on biology, heredity, etc. makes her idea nothing but a brain fart from a not-so-funny comedian.

Now, don't get me wrong, I'm all for adoption, but her fears are unsubstantiated, naive and probably even harmful.

I've even illustrated creatives for ad campaigns to encourage people to adopt. DON'T GET ME WRONG! :)

This notion that you can forgo breeding altogether to make the world a better place is naive and again probably dangerous.

Yes, let's let the only people who FAILED the test of life to populate the future... GREAT IDEA!

Of course, I'm not a biological determinist, but you have to think that these adopted babies have just as many, if not more biological defects than babies not given up for adoption. Am I wrong to think so?

In addition, people would have more of a free ticket to give up their baby and let other people raise it. I don't want to see babies for adoption raise because of people's irrational fears that they will pass on their genes in some terrible way to their children. They easily forget the reasons why their life is worth living and why at least giving it a good college try might change their silly beliefs about biology they obviously don't understand.

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