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Re: Comment 9 by xsjadolateralus Ahhh, yes. Stupid religious people control everything.... Why again? How have scientists, being so smart, not usurped the reigns? [reins?]

Because religion is all about emotional supplication and manipulation, while scientists recognize that that's the path to self-deception and purposefully try to avoid it (not always successfully.)

Because religion is about surety, or at least the assertion of such (however dishonest,) while science is about probability.

Because religion concentrates on personal affirmation, while science can only provide this almost exclusively through scientific accomplishment. While you can be 'saved' and part of jesus' personal entourage just by saying so, science requires you to work hard to gain respect.

And because, by joining the religious club you get the title of "good" without having to do a damn thing to earn it, while science requires you to wade through the peer process and lots of tests, and even then you can screw it up with the next paper.

Oh, yeah. Scientists, and anyone else, are "strident" when they point all this out, too.

Wed, 13 Jun 2012 04:16:22 UTC | #947152