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Comment 12 by alphcat :

So go into any RC state school and you will be hard pushed to see any difference between it and a non faith school. In science, PSHE, SRE and even RE.

This is patently false. Anyone who is interested in what Catholic Schools in England and Wales actually teach, can find out here. This is nothing like what is taught in non faith schools.

It's funny how a Catholic education is so adept at convincing those unfortunate enough to suffer it that, despite all the evidence to the contrary, there is nothing particularly Catholic about it at all. And yet, strangely enough, when all grown up, these former pupils are all too likely, when discussing Catholic schools, to come out with statements such as "My parents sent me to one" and "[ I ] send one of my children to one " while seemingly blissfully unaware of the obvious connection between the two.

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