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Comment 21 by alphcat :

Fair enough, I missed that, though a lot of that curriculum, such as the nature of god, is part of most schools RE curriculums. It also ignores the fact that the RC schools of which I'm aware of are not following those guidelines too prescriptively and RE is allocated the same amount of curriculum time in RC schools as non RC ones.

The guidelines I linked to provide a detailed, public plan for the indoctrination of children in state funded Catholic schools from the age of 3 to 19. It does not bear anything other than the most superficial comparison to the RE curriculum of non faith schools.

It may well be that the Roman Catholic school that your child attends doesn't follow the guidelines laid down for it 'too prescriptively'; indeed, if this is the case, you should consider yourself fortunate, but it would be unwise, on this basis, to assume that all, or even most, Roman Catholic schools are following suit.

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