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@Marcus -

Why do you, an intelligent decent caring thoughtful individual, have anything whatsoever to do with this utter tosh?

On god or gods, I been saying something similar for almost all the time I have been here (since 2007). It is not really possible to speak of the God of the bible. The god of the Patriarchs, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, mostly referred by the name El (although not exclusively, but then one must not forget the work of redactors), is not the same as as the YHWH of Moses. Neither is the religion the same, the practices are very different. Compare the 'rather do it yourself' family religion of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob with that of the tribal and far more priestly religion of Moses. Both however worship local gods, particular to their situation. One would be hard pushed to call the religion of Moses monotheistic, henotheistic yes, but not monotheistic. One has to wait until the exile in Babylon before monotheism as we might understand it developed.

Before anyone says but hold on a moment what about 'chapter x of the book of X, verse x' doesn't it say......

It may well do, but don't forget the final redactions of most of these texts did not take place until after the exile, who were trying to harmonise the early henotheistic texts with the now developed monotheism.

Again the god of the NT is different and similar, as are the gods of the Church fathers, and beyond. I would say along with Ronald Hutton that one should not speak about Christianity, rather speak about many christianities, across, time, geography, social economic class and so on.

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