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But here something that might offer you peace of mind. If one can say nothing about God, if God is beyond all predicates, then we are left to make our own minds up about is right and wrong. If we can know nothing of God’s will, then it follows that we cannot use God to justify our actions, be they good or bad.

True! But no-one has ever shown how they would achieve an understanding of "God's will" even assuming a god existed. Thousands have CLAIMED that numerous contradictory and destructive actions (such as wars with god(s) on both sides) were known to them, as "god's will". - (Referred to by RD as "The God Delusion"!)

They rest on our own authority upon our individual autonomy and we have to take responsibility for them.

I have no problem with being expected to be responsible for my own decisions. The problem is with those who wish to avoid responsibility, by claiming they are being directed by god(s)!

It seems that we are in agreement.

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