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However, one must consider all of the difficulties of their situations before passing judgment, as well as remember that such major changes in life are the result of lengthy processes rather than snap decisions.

Yes, the noggin can spend some time mulling things over before it even "comes out" to its owner - let along the general public.


Comment 18 by joshuaeverett : These are regrets we all bear, along with the regret of so many wasted years of our own short lives.

Wasted employment hours might be a better way of looking at it rather than wasted years. After all, none of us spend the entirety of our time in our jobs.

I would hope that - along the way - you have all also spent some time accumulating family, friends, life experience, books read, recipes learnt etc. These things you would have done whatever your choice of job. Yes, due to circumstances, these might well have been different, but I very much doubt that they would have been absent either way.

In fact, I don't know anyone who does not have some wasted employment hours in their past. Yes, I have less than yourself, but I have still had to learn that life is way too short to spend any time whatsoever in a job that requires the wearing of either a polyester uniform or latex gloves.

I would strongly advise bearing this in mind when you are looking for a new career. Just sayin'.

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