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Now, you're telling me that the people who did the opposite and road like kings in a chariot on my back and my work are worth more than me, intrinsically when you say that these people need these extra services that were never mentioned or available in my case.

I can sympathise with the your past need of support services, but would not deny them to others. These are provided in many of the more socially conscious European states.

No one payed for me to find another job, in fact, I lost money each time I had to switch jobs, got fired (for being an atheist no less), or when I injured myself and my boss fired me.

We often hear the baying of right-wing religinuts, against paying taxes to provide universal health-care and social safety nets - especially in the USA.

Where were these social programs you think clergy NEED in order to get on with their lives?

I think some help in changing jobs would be charitable for anyone, - and beneficial to society as a whole - but actual provision varies from state to state.

I have a spinal injury and tore my Spinae Majora. I have constant pain that reminds me of the incredibly hard work I had to do to survive.

My sympathies on your injury.

BTW: Back in the 1970s I spent some months in hospital and then had a spinal disk surgically removed, following a motor accident caused by a careless driver with no license or insurance. Fortunately the treatment was paid for by the UK National Health Service, - and with the operation a success, I was able to return to work.

You truly live in a blessed country. :)

I think we live in two vastly different places and social strata. I've scratched and clawed (continuing to do so) out of a life of extreme poverty. There are no people caring for people like me, no government assistance and no taxes go to my well being, or ever have.

The closest thing I've had to a break is being able to have health insurance for a year, before I turned 26, because of "obamacare". I was able to get in to see the doctor, without much success for healing my injury. I continue to do physical therapy on my own and can only sit on a yoga ball (currently atop). I haven't been able to work since, because of many reasons, but the most important being that all of my experience is in a labor atmosphere. I've since went back to developing my art and it's been great that I have a supportive person who loves me.

I'm not saying deny people of benefits they need, I'm saying they don't need them.

What they would LIKE is to transition away from lying for a living, into a similarly lax job, which will be able to give them the money they need to support the small army they have birthed.

No, there are FAR MORE who deserve that service first and will never get it.

And changing jobs is not always beneficial, nor possible. In other words, life isn't as simple as you've made it out to be and you have to work on these problems on a priority basis. No, these religious zealots, finally woke up when it's too late, do not have a priority over other more helpless people.

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