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And changing jobs is not always beneficial, nor possible. In other words, life isn't as simple as you've made it out to be and you have to work on these problems on a priority basis. No, these religious zealots, finally woke up when it's too late, do not have a priority over other more helpless people.

The lack of social support is a US right-wing political feature of "free market greed"- "devil take the latter-most" - I'm all- right-Jack, sort of dog-eat-dog, which is anti-community-responsibility to citizens as far as the state is concerned.

You might be interested in this comparison graph of Health care Costs, levels of provision, and life expectancy. -

No, there are FAR MORE who deserve that service first and will never get it.

That is the cultural difference. The UK NHS also fixed the multiple leg fractures of the idiot who caused my motor accident under the state universal insurance system - without being judgemental! (even though he had previous convictions for the same sort of stupidity! - The court however convicted him!

There is a lot of TALK about Xtian charity and love in the US right, but when it comes to social legislation, they oppose it!

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