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These articles about TCP are written not as a method of fundraising, but as a means of educating religious people about the fallibility of their clergy. TCP does not currently offer financial support of any kind to ex-clergy. If such programs are ever created, they will certainly be optional for those who sympathize with the situations of the members. I suspect most contributors to it would be more financially-stable members who attempt to help people who are in the initial stages of such transitions.

Personally, I agree with you that plenty of other people are in great financial need through no fault of their own. Should we be helping them? Probably so. However, the idea that a (non-existent) charity to help with financial difficulties among ex-clergy necessarily precludes or prevents the formation of a charity to help non-clergy with financial difficulties is a false dichotomy.

Your statements here include assertions about TCP are simply ignorant and include many logical fallacies. Information about TCP is readily available, and questions rather than accusations are a better method for learning (thought I doubt that is your intention). Furthermore, your accusations about the religious acts of TCP members during their time as clergy are exaggerated, ignorant, gross generalizations. As you do not know my background or the backgrounds of the members of TCP, you cannot make such assertions without evidence. Many religious people become non-believers after serving in various lay-capacities, not just clergy, and many of us (clergy or not) do spend substantial amounts of our time and money attempting to make restitution for our errors.

Having been raised in fundamentalism and homeschooled with the ACE curriculum referenced in Dawkins' "Root of All Evil" series, I am well aware of the many forms of intentional and unintentional abuse that religion can carry with it. I do not excuse such things, nor any unintentional role I might have had in perpetuating such things. However, please note that the brand of religion that you describe in your comments is something I, like many TCP members, fought against all my life, including during my time in the clergy. When I realized I was acting as an enabler for the horrible acts of religious extremists, I was deeply horrified. I do indeed intend to fight against this sort of thing until my heart stops. Your ad hominem attacks against myself and other members of TCP are unsubstantiated due to the fact that you have no idea who we are/were or what we do or intend to do. I can certainly understand your anger against religion, but I assure you it is misdirected in this case.

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