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At last, a real win for GM.

Of course it's all very anti-species-ist. As a citizen of a 'culture' that embraces difference and which recognises that difference is valuable and important - and must be 'respected' - I deplore the assumption that all malaria is bad and the automatic characterisation of malaria as something which must lead to 'sickness and death'.

Malaria is an integral component of our environment and we must respect its right to freedom as much as we value our own. We must ensure that malaria continues to enjoy its 'natural' freedom to live life on its own terms - even where they conflict with our own.

This blocking process within the insect that carries malaria can help significantly reduce human sickness and death

Well that's just too easy, isn't it. How do the Malaria viruses feel about this? Put yourself in their place: Humans are already celebrating your future demise.


p.s. beautiful picture of a mosquito.

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