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Comment 1 by Neodarwinian

" If Dawkins and Krauss want to understand what Catholics believe, there would have to be preliminary discourse about a richer sense of rationality, one not limited to the natural sciences. To say that only the natural sciences reach truth is to make a philosophical claim about truth, which goes beyond the sciences themselves."

Read that far and no further. If I had a nickle.......

It's a painfully common response, and it really is utter tripe. Nevertheless, I think it's helpful to be able to respond to it.

Of course, it's wrong to say only the natural sciences reach truth. There are other ways to get truth. Mathematics and logic get us to truth without the need for any observations of the physical world.

What science uniquely does is to help us determine what is true about what is real. The only way we can have confidence about what is real is through science, because science is a system of bypassing the fallible perceptions of human senses and minds.

Much is said about the nature of science by theologians, and it's invariably nonsense. Science doesn't assume that the world is natural (whatever that is supposed to mean). Science doesn't assume anything at all. Science's power is science's simplicity. Science asks simple questions, such as "show me that again", and "do you see that too?" Science would be the only way to know what is real even if we lived in a reality full of angels and demons, because we could no more trust our perceptions in that reality than in the one we live in. That we live in a reality of physical laws as against supernatural minds is not an assumption of science, but the conclusion of science.

There is no need for a specialised vocabulary of faith. Everyday words will do, such as delusion, deception, evasion, and confusion. In articles like this we see the desperation of those who support crackpot beliefs as they try and put up a smokescreen of theology to defend the ridiculous.

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