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I think you are all missing the point here! What they claim with reference to Jebus etc., has to be said in order to validate their business, which as we know ,is a very lucrative "business". They will keep on with their illogical bullshit to protect their financial interests - regardless of what we say here or in any other forum. Listening to what some priests have said, after publicly admitting to losing their "faith", it is fairly obvious that there are many more out there who would to, but are unable to do anything about it - financial and/or fear of retribution and exclusion from their families and communities... We all know that this can only start to change if children are not indoctrinated by parents and religious authorities - and this process is unlikely to succeed as long as the tight control exercised by these same authorities keeps the real truth at bay. That's my rant for the day - this whole frustrating issue gets a bit too much at times!

Thu, 14 Jun 2012 07:44:39 UTC | #947342