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← Cleric says polio vaccination 'un-islamic', warns of jihad against docs

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I wish this story had been taken from the original Pakistani news source rather than an Indian newspaper.

Having said that, India faced exactly the same problem in its northern state of Uttar Pradesh some years ago, when Muslim clerics spread the rumour that polio drops were part of a conspiracy to sterilize their children. But five years down the line, "from sending greeting cards to issuing printed appeals and making announcements from the mosque loudspeaker - Muslim clerics in western Uttar Pradesh are doing everything, and with much success, to motivate their community to get children immunised against polio." From 602 cases in 2009, the rate of infection came down to just ten cases in 2010 and by early 2012, India was removed from the list of polio endemic countries after completing a full year without reporting a single case of wild polio virus infection.

I don't suppose Muslim clerics actually want their community's children to be struck down by polio, but ignorance and paranoia are serious problems, and I don't think stories like the one quoted by Morosoph really help.

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