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Comment 30 by JackR

they seem smart enough to write articulately

Not convinced that articulation is high on their list to be honest...more like bullshitting a naive and awe stricken congregation that think there is a point in the word salad and that point is what the church is all about...even though the bedazzled have not a real clue about what the word salad actually means. The more the delivery is convoluted and stinks of 'fistikated feelology' the better, it does not have to be coherent or articulate...just sound like it is to the nominally brain dead!

but not smart enough to be embarrassed about the utter guff they write.

How can they be embarrassed they are delivering a message from jeebus? (Actually they are delivering a 'stall 'em and baffle 'em with bollix' edict from the Vatican) but that is the mystery of 'gawd!.

Thu, 14 Jun 2012 09:35:24 UTC | #947361