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Living in a country with such a high overall rate of religious participation, it might seem that religious liberty for all would be guaranteed and protected. Unfortunately, that is not the case. (Bishop Edward Burns)

They will only be mollified when the numbers state 100% and then some!

What he actually means by religious liberty is that his church are not getting the liberty to discriminate...suppress and practice intolerance...(as if they needed to practice) They are very sad little penguins cos they don't get to burn anyone any-more and they cannot preach hate as easily as they once could...sad penguins...cannot play at kiddie fiddling without someone being beastly to them in the media or on the World Wide Web...and they are not happy cos the government do not play the same games they do...they want to bully and they cannot...alas!

And people are beginning to laugh at them...openly!

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