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Some years ago I helped out at my kids' school, on a well-attended parent's day where we all pitched in to work on the shcool: painting, patching, etc. It did not leave me with a good impression, as most of the projects were make-work projects that didn't need to be done and wouldn't last. For example, the parent-in-charge (who sold homeopathic baloney as her day job) decided that we should paint the restrooms. They didn't need painting. The original abrasion-resistant anti-graffiti paint, which had been professionally applied, was still in excellent shape, and just needed a very small bit of work done around a few high-wear spots. We ended up painting the entire restrooms with standard (non-industrial) indoor house paint which will now need to be redone every few years.

Whenever I hear a proposal to give parents or interest groups more control over the running of any schools, I only have one thing to say. "Save me from the enthusiastic amateurs!"

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