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Comment 70 by mikmik :

Christian Liberty, not Religious Liberty. Whenever a fundie calls for god given rights, just ask them if it applies to jews and muslims as well. Their abuse of the religious freedom clause will became apparent very quickly.

I'm sure we can all agree that these organized religious dogmas need to be kept completely separate from secular rule of law.

It amazes (and admittedly frustrates) me to no end how one of the deluded masses in America can shriek that his or her rights are being infringed upon by discrimination against religion with one breath, and in the next breath deny a homosexual neighbor the same rights to marriage contract s/he (hopefully) enjoys.

The marriage contract is a matter of secular law, not religious belief. It ALWAYS has been, even way back when only the nobility "married", and "commoners" simply co-habitated...after being suitably blessed by a priest, of course.

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