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Although i can see the potential benefit of such genetic manipulation, for it to be successful,the gm mosquitos would have to out compete their nom gm rivals, and seeing how sucessful non gm mosquitos are, to give them an advantage would potentialy be very dangerous, what if the mosquitos then transmitted a diferent disease, or a mutation of the malaria plasmodium overcame their resistance and was even more lethal to humans, such tinkering with ecosystems can have unforseen outcomes, to coin a phrase, better the devil you know.Evoloution has occured over millions of years, random tinkering which alters its course in relatively the blink of an eye cannot be garaunteed safe,as the rest of the ecosystem will react to such changes,and may produce a cascade effect which is far worse than the original problem.

Thu, 14 Jun 2012 21:30:05 UTC | #947473