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I live in Sheffield UK and do a lot of work in the vicarages.I haven,t met a true Christian vicar yet.All of them are atheists who think of themselfs as more of a master of serominies(weddings,funerals and christenings)than some sort of right hand man to god.Remember these seromonies are paid for,its a trade they supply.Even me as a full blown hardcore atheist,christopher hitchens,richard dawkins,matt dillahunty,thunderfoot and nick clegg groupie love a good church wedding knees up.I also want a church funeral.In fact here in sheffield england all cremations are carried out at city road and grenoside cremotorioums where there are of david,s and other religious symbols in the UNIVERSAL on site chapels.You can even have atheist and humanist service.Have you seen the film" the mummy "with Brandon Fraser.The part where the mummy is about to kill the wimpy guy and the wimpy guy keeps turning out different religious symbols until he gets the one which the evil mummy god recognises.This is like sheffield cremotorioms.I feel sorry for anyone who doesn,t die here in Sheffield.Anyway back to the subject in hand"VICARS WHO TURN TO ATHEISM".What is everyone talking about.Clergymen are too well educated to believe in god.Darwin pretended to be a christian in order for the church to pay for his education.He also wanted to get a nice little church in the middle of nowhere so he could study beetles.(NOT THE POP GROUP).

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