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Comment 24 by Border Collie

One thing we can say about Muslims is that they're predictably stupid and violent.

I must be off again. Lots of work to do, including writing. However, I am sad to see that this kind of ranting nonsense still persists on a site that is intended to promote reason. Well, it's either ranting nonsense or the consequence of an astounding ability to predict the intellect and behaviour of over a billion other fellow human beings.

One of the great failings of our societies is the tendency of some people to treat other people as anonymous faceless numbers. It's reflected in the phrases which go "those ........, they are all ......." We all know so many examples, such as "Those atheists, they are all immoral".

It's sloppy, ignorant, arrogant and dehumanising. One of the worst aspects of religions is that they take away our dignity by making us servants of gods. Let's not fall into the trap of dehumanising others too.


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