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← Unbelieving preachers get help to 'come out' as open atheists

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The only thing worse than a preacher who mistakenly preaches falsehood is one who does it knowingly. That being said, this may be the very thing we need to push religion underground and turn it on itself. Authoritarian followers who see their leaders turn away from religion may do the same thing out of habit. This is not a good reason to follow but it may expose many to the ideas that start one on the path to recovery.

The mob mentality of the organized religious may also play a large role in outing preachers (whether atheist or not). They will witch-hunt among themselves and turn on each other. New members will think twice. Old members will raise the bridge. They will fracture under their own paranoia.

What needs to run in tandem with the clergy project is a youth rebellion project. “Are you a teen and want to have total hand over your parents?” “Just beat them down with facts and evidence!” “You can hold command over your parents by pointing out the fallacies almost as fast as they can spit them out.” “Best of all, you’re right and therefore superior to your parents!” “Want to leave home but your parents won’t let you?” “Tell them you’re an atheist… just pack your bags first!”

Youth are key

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