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Comment 69 by MadPuzzler :

@mmuray "BAT - BALL = $1"

You are assuming the difference must be (versus at least must be). The truth is the problem only says more than. 1.00 more than. It doesn't say it must only be 1.00 more than.

This is why I say now in regard to Occam's razor, only we can get it wrong, and if we do we shouldn't feel blame.

Nope. If you say BAT is more than BALL sure. But if you say BAT is a $1 more than BALL you mean that BAT = BALL + 1. That is what the "a" is telling you. It's like if you walk up to the bar and say "I'll have a beer" you don't expect to get more than one beer you expect to get exactly one beer. That is how the English language works.

Otherwise you would have to say something like

The cost of the bat is at least $1 more than the cost of the ball.

Is English your first language ? (No offense intended.)


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