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Comment 9 by epat :

We simply have to quit expecting the government to fund everything. That kind of thinking got us here in the first place. The private sector will have to assume more of the lead in funding these types of projects as governments continue to spend themselves into oblivion. Want to spend money on research? Start a business and use it as a funding mechanism. Join with like-minded entrepreneurs. Want to continue to be disapointed? Sit around and wait for government money. Does this sound stupid? Maybe...but neither taxing the hell out of "the rich" or starving the poor are likely to be enough. Besides, both are immoral.

Governments should fund what businesses will not, no? Why shouldn't government invest in its citizens?

Start a business to fund a space telescope? How do we make money? Launch it in a big Coke can? Is that worth over 9 billion dollars? How?

Comment 10 by Ornicar :

Sorry Mr. Krauss but who cares ? Research is important. Physics, darn important. But would next discoveries be made in Brasil, India or Angola doesn't matter for science.

You know, it's a tiny ball of rock in the middle of a huge, cold, hostile and expending universe. South Dakota or Vladivostok is all the same from a Big Bang point of view.

From a Big Bang point of view none of us matter. It is our point of view that should concern us. Our point of view is narrowed when countries, especially the big rich ones, shirk their responsibility to educate and inspire us.

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