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Sorry Mr. Krauss but who cares ? Research is important. Physics, darn important. But would next discoveries be made in Brasil, India or Angola doesn't matter for science.

You know, it's a tiny ball of rock in the middle of a huge, cold, hostile and expending universe. South Dakota or Vladivostok is all the same from a Big Bang point of view.

I agree that from the standpoint of science it doesn't matter where new results come from. But research funding isn't a zero some game. If the US stops a serious commitment to basic research there is no guarantee that someone else will pick up the slack. And while it doesn't matter to science or to the world as a whole it should matter to any US citizen who loves their country and wants to see it prosper in the future. In the past science and new technology were always one of the main drivers of the US economy. For selfish reasons its ridiculous for the US to abandon that now.

Stop voting for the same two parties if they keep letting you down. Seems ridiculous to complain the government is doing x & y, and then vote them in again.

Both parties don't keep letting me down. One party is controlled by people who despise science and want to impose a theocracy. The other party is a center right pro business party. Of the two the center right is still highly preferable to me. There are lots of things wrong with the democrats, but opting out of the political process is not a rational response. If there were some serious third party alternative I would consider supporting them. However, they have to be serious, not people like the US Greens and Ralph Nader who run candidates so that those candidates can make speeches but have no hope of actually winning. Way back in 2000 I thought "there is no difference between Bush and Gore" and voted for Nader. Gore wouldn't have been a great president but there is no doubt in my mind he would have been infinitely better than Bush.

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