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Firstly, I'd like to say I became 87 percent Atheist, with the remaining 13 percent leaning still toward Agnosticism, after reading Blue Apples by William Henry, I believe. I had read "The God Delusion" before that. William Henry is a..., well, he believes in Trans-dimensional Stargates, we'll say, to keep it light., but the book is filled with a very detailed, wonderfully phonetic and linguistical analysis, and an accurate representation of religion, its roles and undeniable connections throughout world history. Now, this man says we should respect people in uniform; why? That is about as credulous as respecting a priest because he claims he knows god. If you mean respect them by standing up for their belief or un-beleif, that's fin, but then it should apply to them whether they're in uniform or not. The Military should respect the citizens of this country then they will receive it in return, just as anyone should, whether they're in uniform or not. He also cites The Constitution; I think it negates a secular standpoint to make things up like this; it's just not in there. The application of The Constitution has been used, and taken precedent in American Court, but it still is not there, that I'm aware. A better document, I'm told, is The Bill of Rights. Ultimately, none of these items mean anything in the long run of History; they are always changing. Look at Parliament in England, for example. I do not disagree, however, that this Militarily "litmus test" is about as ridiculous as only allowing people to vote who's Grandparent's had voted in a prior election. It just seems quite a farce and a ruse to grapple our attentions, when we ought to be more focused what the Military is being expended for. Don't get me wrong; I agree the test is ridiculous. "True magic is about controversy; that's real Slight of Hand..." -- Undisclosed

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