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I commend you for your obvious concern for the young people who suffer in poverty and ignorance. Although I'm not English and not suffering economically, I hope I can reassure you that there are people of all classes that care very much about disadvantaged youth everywhere. When I think about the changes that have happened in just the past 50 years that I've been alive, I a still very encouraged, even in the face of poverty that I've seen here in the States and in every place that I've traveled in this world.

I would remind you of all the rights revolutions that have had a huge positive effect on all of us here. Women's rights, children's rights, animal rights, worker's rights etc. These movements were all accomplished by coalitions of people from all walks of life. We need all different sorts of people involved who can stand up for what's right and good in whatever economic class that they happen to find themselves in. Think of the women's rights movement for a moment. In the fight for the right to vote in both of our countries, was it just women from the lower economic class that achieved it? No, it was a generalized effort across class with the women of the upper economic class doing everything they could in their own milieu.

I'm sure you agree with me that a good general education is the most direct path out of poverty and ignorance that you so rightly speak out against. Let's push hard for reforms that will help children and young people gain access to learning and knowledge that will lay that path out in front of them. If RD was born into a family of economic comfort, why should he be criticized for it? I can't help it if I was born into a family that is financially comfortable either, but I'm hoping you can put bitterness aside and judge people by the values they hold and by their actions in this life. There are many people of all ages and different financial means that take direct action to make a difference in the lives of others.

What I want to ask you is this; what are YOU doing to reach out a hand and make a difference to these poor, long suffering people?

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