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Comment 73 by blitz442 :

Comment 71 by Tyler Durden

Please don't say "The Fall", please don't say "The Fall", please don't say "The Fall".

I try very hard these days not to use names like "idiot" when describing the religious. But if someone really ascribes all of the misery, disease, death, natural disasters, etc. in the history of the world to a man eating a fruit, then that person is an idiot. Not delusional, not misinformed, not "a smart person holding irrational beliefs". No, that person is truly stupid.

@blitz, it reminds me of this from earlier this month:

Comment 36 by Wonderingaboutlife :

Tyler, my belief is that HIV, MRSA, cancer, etc. are all a result of a fallen world.

And she presented herself as a medical doctor!?!

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