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Religion has no important or unique role in peoples lives, except where they are the ones who use it to exercise power and control over others (typically the inventers, perpetrators or leaders of the 9,000 plus versions of the parasite).

For everyone else, except athiests, they have been indoctrinated to believe that they are eternal and that this life is only important as a test (determined by their religious betters) to decide if their real next life is as a toad or a worm or in paradise or in the inferno of hell.

Yes, 6 billion actually believe that crap and will kill and die to ensure they remain slaves to their particular parasite and will indoctrinate their children as they were indoctrinated.

The only expenditure of time energy resources and wealth that even comes close to that spent on religion is the expenditure on developing, improving and using weapons to kill other humans - typically for religious reasons or by using religion for propaganda.

Stop making excuses for the parasite that is religion. Those ancient Shamen, the original inventers, were only trying to gain a quantum of power in their tribe. The current Shamen seek armageddon - the end of our species.

Sun, 24 Jun 2012 00:17:01 UTC | #947982