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Should people be banned for wearing a Burka?

Why do people wear Burkas?

Basically, religious people cannot have morals - they divide humans into 9000 odd groups (and atheists who are outside all of these) and view all other groups except theirs as inferior and only their "rules" as being right.

Atheists of course can have morals since, at a minimum, they believe humans are all one species with other fauna and even flora, as relations for the one and only life they will have on a small pebble in a vast universe that they are trying to understand. Human understanding has been held back by religion (which still culls our brightest and best who question) for tens of millennia with progress mainly limited to the past 5-600 years of the 3.7 billion years of life on our pebble.

What people need is education, literacy, access to knowledge and to know what we are and where we are so that we can each determine a reason for our own personal lives. As a gregarious species, so closely related that we may as well be clones, we are compelled by our genes to cooperate to survive and have the intelligence (if not removed by religion) to ensure an increasingly better life for all and to ensure that our pebble remains liveable.

We should also know that our cousins, however far removed, have their place and indeed are essential for our survival (for food if nothing else). Of course we could do without some species (disease, parasites) and we must somehow find a way to do without the worst parasite, religion.

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