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My problem is I know more about the Bible and Koran than most believers and the salaried religious people don't want to debate they want to convert. Religion teaches doing what your told so free and critical thinking is not practiced so a debate seems to always be taken as an argument or put down. Nothing I like better than have a argument when I am in a pissy mood, but until a person has made the intellectual journey and feels confident in their own leadership I don't think any discussion works. The couple of friends who have come around, have been because we worked together on causes and rubbed off on each other.

I think the best show to get people to leave organized religion this year was the Republican Presidential debates, only a true believer would believe these guys about anything. I do wish you the best and your time may be more productive in this than mine ever was.

Sun, 24 Jun 2012 21:57:41 UTC | #948022