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He makes some good points that religions and religionists should not receive any special treatment or privileges, but then seems to conclude under point 14 that employers should not normally have the right to ban employees from wearing religious symbols whilst at work! Why not?

because it does no harm to others

It's got nothing to do with others. It's to do with the employer's company. If the employer feels that a symbol (whether or not it's religious is irrelevant - that's the point) does not present the right image for the company, surely they should be able to prohibit the display of such a symbol. I don't see how anyone is harmed by the banning of any personal symbols whilst they are at work.

However, I'm not proposing that all employers should go ahead and ban all personal items, and I don't think many would wish to. It's every employer's decision. I'm an employer and I don't care if my employees wear religious jewellery. But I think every employer should have the right to do so if they feel it presents the wrong image for them. Nobody is harmed by being asked not to wear a necklace or bracelet at work, regardless of whether or not it is religious.

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