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I don't think these issues are moral issues. They are Ethical issues which require a utilitarian approach to provide the best result for everyone.

That said, each society should be able to decide and regulate activities as they see fit. Even if they go against what other people may believe or think. Majority rules. Sometimes the majority is in error . When it is a big error others must intervene . As with Human rights issues. Which are much different than religious rights that commonly fall under freedom of speech protection.

My personal opinion on Bur-qua, according to the reasons for wearing it, protection from lascivious men even looking at the woman and causing indecent thoughts to the man who may lose control and rape them. I was told that by a Saudi man in Amsterdam about why they wear it. He said young girls under 12 do not need to wear it but that they want to be like their mothers so they ask to wear it from very young.

I would think it is like a disguise to the children. It is not strange they would want to emulate the mothers. Maybe where they come from this has to be due to the bestial nature of men in muslim countries.

However I think they go too far when they want to force a liberal society into accepting that kind of thing when it is not needed because men are not bestial if they see a woman's face . Further more it is perpetuating the inequality of these women in a progressive society where they will be left behind and suffer who knows what kind of abuse. Those who (women) vocally disapprove of being ordered by society not to cover their face, should simply return to their country of origin where the practice is not only allowed but also enforced.

There has to be an Ethical limit to "Freedom of Religion" Like there should be about other issues which people converted into religious libertinage imposing illogical ideas on a society which already has a Working Ethical Structure and for the vast majority of the people it works.

Wearing religious icons is way to publicly identify your religious orientation and have others of your own religion identify with you. It does not have to even be a religion, it can be an Atheist A. Who would know it meant atheist? Maybe only an atheist or an anti atheist. Does it matter ? unless that is a way to identify people to be executed like the nazis did, or if in an intolerant country, then it would be best to be neutral.

I think everyone has a right to wear what they want unless it interferes with something As has been stated. Or the Employer wants to present a neutral Image. Should an employer who is a devout christian expect his employees to wear jesus shirts to work everyday? Or pray with him before your shift? It would be obvious an atheist would not take that job unless they enjoyed hell on earth.

People wear things depicting their pride in something they believe or are. They should be able to wear or not wear what ever they want in a manner which is not negative towards anyone else or the established Ethical rules of conduct.

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