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Religion has no important or unique role in peoples lives, except where they are the ones who use it >>to exercise power and control over others (typically the inventers, perpetrators or leaders of the 9,000 >>plus versions of the parasite).

ethics aside if we really want to move beyond religion we need to understand it. To understand it we need to use the same scientific methods we use to understand any other pheonomena. If we >>just start with the bias that religion has never contributed anything positve to humanity we can't be >>any more objective than a Christian fundamentalist trying to understand evolution.

But we do understand religion! - Read The God Delusion.

I have been an atheist for almost 50 years and have discussed and read about religion, with infected people and normal people (atheists) and it's purpose is quite clear.

Individuals may interpret their religious leaders to kill people or help people to gain reincarnation as a pretty bird or to win the Harp and Cloud or the 74 virgins - whatever- but they are still following the dictates of their parasite. The same paedophile Priest may actually help a young boy to read but will still torture heretics for the Spanish Inquisition - all the same shit.

Neandrathals had religion and more versions are invented every day as individuals carve out their own flock to flece. You can trace almost all atrocities and wars to religion, or the use of religion as propaganda to ensure no mercy for the "infidels" "pagans" "gentiles" etc on the other side.

All religious creeds start with rule number one. We are right and everyone else is wrong and should be eradicated. Today, in at least one country, anyone can legally kill anyone who even suggests questioning this law.

The only remaining mystery about religion is why anyone believes.

The answer is simple, they are indoctrinated from birth, tortured or killed if they question and given status if they unquestionly obey. With everyone in their cultural group also brainwashed, it is almost impossible to deviate and actually wise up.

The power this parasite weilds keeps others who may question quiet. Religion infects our planet to the extent that even rational people are afraid to question and you will find that most atheists actually pay for religion to be practised and indoctrinated into children (through their taxes).

What more do you need to know?

Many on this site try to analyse why people believe or how many devils an pass throuigh they eye of the needle, with or without their camels.

Religious people are typically kept ignorant and iliterate and led to believe that they should enoy their place in society and follow their (religious) leaders advice. Most will kill and die to remain slaves to the parasite. Many just follow unquestionly and gain satisfaction from helping the poor, killing opostates, or feeling sorry for the rich and wealthy who spend eternity in the inferno of hell. DUH!

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