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Yes, 6 billion actually believe that crap

no. Much of the world's population is non-religious

and will kill and die to ensure they remain slaves to their particular parasite

most religious people are perfectly amiable and don't want to kill anyone. I'm beginning to think you >>just don't like people.

According to the World Atlas of Religions, there ARE 6 billion religious people including 3.5+ billion Jews (mostly from the Christian and Muslim Sects), a billion Buddists, almost a billion Hindus, etc

Only 140 million atheists (I believe this to be a exaggeration given the small percentage on this site) and I suspect most of the rest are agnostics or the leaders and perpetrators of religion who just utilise the 9000+ versions (more every day, especially on-line) to excercis the power and control mechanism for their own ends.

The amiable Muslims cheered worldwide when the Twin Towers fell killing thousands, the amiable US electorate ensured Guantanamo was kept open to continue the torture, the amiable Western World cheered Shock and Awe as Iraq was bombed back to the stone age for being ruled against their will by a tyrant, ..need I continue.

Religion is a button that can be pressed and turn any infected person into a mindless member of masses that religion controls - the only reason for it's existence.

I actuall love humanity. I think people can be anything their genetic inheritance and subsequent nurturing can encompass. Unfortunately religion takes over for most and they lead limited lives (if not lives of illiteracy and ignorance.).

However I F*****g Hate religion and those who invent and perpetrate it!

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