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Comment 21, Vrij,

However I think they go too far when they want to force a liberal society into accepting that kind of thing when it is not needed because men are not bestial if they see a woman's face . Further more it is perpetuating the inequality of these women in a progressive society where they will be left behind and suffer who knows what kind of abuse. Those who (women) vocally disapprove of being ordered by society not to cover their face, should simply return to their country of origin where the practice is not only allowed but also enforced.

Apart from the fact that they may have been born here, I totally agree. Choosing to obliterate your identity by wearing a burka - and I don't mean the ugly clothing itself - I mean covering your face in public because you are a woman - is an insult to women and to men. Choosing to wear it condemns others to being forced to wear it. It condones and perpetuates sexism. Allowing the choice is too great a luxury for a free society to afford. It makes integration impossible, and is not even a religious requirement. The security risks are clearly substantial.

In this country, we have laws against sexual harassment, rather than blaming the victims. If men can't control themselves, they can get castrated or wear blinkers.

I've been without a computer since the 28th May, and I've been back and lurking for a week now, catching up with all I'd missed, but I had to come on and say - you go Vrij! Well said. We must stop pussyfooting around this sick abomination against women. It's nice to be back.

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