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@Comment 28 by xmaseveeve: Apart from the fact that they may have been born here

Girl !! you have been sorely missed !!

I thought about that believe it or not the fact they may have been born on British soil or French etc. Some are converts and it is hard to believe as much as nunnery . The same solution applies, as far as I know a muslim can go live in Egypt or Jordan, Iran. I mean Their entire oppressive subjugated garments are accepted there in the event they love their faith or beliefs so much.

I see where this will go next, they claim that being a UK citizen automatically gives them extra rights. They were born there and deserve to be accepted...

If we use Ethics to resolve this issue there is no issue. It would be as simple as "Sorry but the Law of the land is mightier than your religion based law comply or face penalties."

What is good for the goose is good for the gander. Why should women anywhere support the Bur-qua? When I see this it hurts me. I feel bad for these women like you can't imagine. I wrote a script called "The Freedom day" about women in muslim countries organizing to kill all the men in order to free themselves from subjugation. I imagined that ALL muslim women felt that way. In my mind the only solution was the total annihilation of all the males who were responsible for the continued perpetration of oppression .

The wake up call about this solution being wrong is shocking. They want to continue like this. The majority does in any event. They could have been brainwashed from children to think they want to. The problem is until all the women want to be free nothing will be done to change. It is something that has to happen en mass. Like the struggle for women's rights in the USA.

Until they all burn their Bur-qua in unanimity, they will continue to be oppressed in any society they live in. Free societies Must not sponsor the continuation of this whether they want it or not. It would be Un Ethical to allow this on the grounds of religious freedom. It is religious oppression not freedom.

If my life was in danger from uncontrollable men raping at the sight of an eye through the embroidered breathing holes of a bur-qua, I would wear a double one !! How about just punishing those men instead of vilifying the women? That already happens in these societies where these women demand to wear them which makes the need of to wear one unnecessary and reasonable to ask they do not.

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