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Comment 49 by VrijVlinder :

Yes Red the issue is that I am not telling them they can't the law is. Why ? because their face needs to be seen if not by the public at large then by the authorities. Passport pictures require a face picture for identification purposes.

But you can put in place processes to deal with this. Many countries have them already. You don't need to ban burqas just because occasionally an official representative of the state needs to look at your face. I'm not necessarily opposed to a burqa ban but this is not the argument for it.

If they are covered, may as well be a picture of their dog !!

Are they likely to have a dog if they are strongly Islamic ?

We are all subjected to showing our face in any society and specially in the USA. In Mexico you can't go into a bank wearing a hat or sunglasses I am sure they would expect a woman in a full covered bur-qua to show her face. Another reason why these women do not go to the bank either.

When people start robbing banks wearing burqas then this would be an argument for banning burqas in banks but not in public.

Again this is not the argument for banning burqas.

Note that if a woman is forced to wear a Burqa that is a different matter.

They are forced and in the cases where they claim to want to just shows how deep the oppression goes. Just like indoctrination. You break a person's spirit and they accept anything done upon them even turn it into a good thing to convince themselves. It is a human weakness to accept oppression and is a result of mental emotional damage. People do it to survive difficult situations. They convince themselves that it is their choice to be oppressed. Then it is not oppression in their mind.

Some women use it as a coping mechanism for poor self esteem. They can cover up what they don't like about themselves. This is not religious it is psychological .

I'm not sure I want to live in a society where someone else gets to decide how well I'm coping. It sounds too much like being at school again.


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