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Jesus, every time we have these sorts of discussions we end up talking about what's wrong with these peoples heads -hey, maybe nothing, eh?

The women may be intelligent reasonable people behaving in rational ways.

Why would a woman leave her husband and family to live in a shelter-temporary-well, it's a whole new life really, and from scratch--because she's required to follow the customs of her upbringing?

Surely the problem(s) arise from the role assigned to women and not so much from how women behave after having acquired their role through years of training.

We could analyze some of their behavior as "solutions" to their problems. They are not contributing to their problems, they are dealing with them, and where a solution seems obvious to us we may at times be underestimating the depth of the problem.

It's another view anyway.

Tue, 26 Jun 2012 16:13:58 UTC | #948122