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Comment 180 by inquisador:

If choice is the issue, where are the non-Muslim women who choose to wear the burqa?

Comment 183 by RJMoore:

Why would a non-Muslim do something she considers to be unnecessary? You might as well ask where are the non-Amish Mennonites who choose not to have electrical devices in their houses.

Considering many muslim women do not wear the burka, it hardly supports the argument that women have no choice in the matter.

Comment 207 by Inq:

Sorry but the blockquoting is not working right on my google chrome. Hence this simple way of replying.

Only since the recent rise of political Islam have we seen any women in burqas in the uk. We know that face-covering is not required by koranic verses or ahadith, not that that should cut any ice in the uk.

Which suggests it may be a political statement. If this garb were comfortable or desirable for women for fashion or social reasons, I would expect some women of non-Muslim status to adopt it, but it seems that none do.

The only remaining credible reason why women wear it seems to me to be male coercion.

The slave-shackles and leg-irons, not to mention ball-and-chain, were also required for slaves in some cultures. Having got rid of those some time ago, why are some of us reluctant to part with this, somewhat similar apparel designed for present-day female slaves?

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