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I think that is a very good point. I do believe that many women wear these because they feel that they have to but as I said earlier I think its presumptuous for us to assume (as I think Vrij is) that ALL the women who wear the Bjurkas are doing so because they are coerced.

I reckon they are all coerced.

But I don't think they are irrational for choosing to remain in them, or for fighting against a ban.

I know, some people must think that if they choose to remain in them they can't be coerced, right? -sigh-

I don't like that kind of talk, it rubs me the wrong way.

So I thought I'd bring up looking at some of their behavior as solutions to their problems so we might ask what the hell kind of problem is solved by remaining in a burqa, or by advocating its use as a woman, and thereby hopefully come up with some interesting answers that are closer to the actual causes of the problems facing these women, than say, they are forced to wear tents.

Unfortunately I'm not that clever, so I find myself thinking of common problems facing everyone with the caveat that these everybodys face them in an environment that is simultaneously their nursery, and their prison.

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