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Comment 226 by VrijVlinder :

@Michael: I know that the niqab is a virtuous option and it is not obligatory."

I think the choice of her words is conflictive. Virtue, what is it really? Aristotle would say it does have to do with politics.

I would have thought a Catholic analogy would be that going to mass everyday is not obligatory but going to mass once a week is. At least it used to be when I was a kid. Going to mass everyday is however virtuous.

None of these women has a valid well constructed argument. The use of words like modesty and virtue are smoke and mirrors.

But of course they don't have well constructed arguments. They are just ordinary people and kids. Most ordinary Catholics I know couldn't construct any kind of argument about any of the bits of religion they follow and believe are important.

I mean come on these people have to have some real intellectual deficiency/problem !!

Like I say they are just kids who haven't thought any of the issues through. I wonder with the kids if it isn't a way to give your parents a great scare.


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