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I do fear, though, that although the vast majority of British parents are not religious, at least not in any organised or committed sense, they really don't care about this issue, and certainly aren't aware of the ideas of secularism or humanism.

My sister, who has 3 teenage children in school, recently quizzed me about something she'd seen I'd written on Facebook in a discussion started by the National Secular Society. I explained to her that I was a member of the NSS, and then had to explain to her what secularism was and what we campaigned for. Even though I know she's an atheist, she thought it was very weird that people were worked up about the issue and driven to campaign against religious privilege. The whole "New Atheist" movement and secularism were completely off her radar screen, and she had no interest in learning any more about it.

It's really hard to see how it's possible to engage the interest of the majority of parents on this issue.

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