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The UK head of State is religious.

All UK people pay taxes for religion to be propagated and prosper by giving it tax free status for all of it's wealth and charitable (tax free) status for all of the new cash they raise.

The UK is full of houses of worship for all sorts of superstition and Jews, Muslims, Christians attend once at week or more.

Where did you get the stupid idea that there are few religious people in the UK?

Check the number signing the petition. Compare that to the 70 million ish people in the UK.

Now, be very worried.

Check out the World Atlas of Religions. It points out the makeup of the 6 billion religious humans and there is probably a breakdown for the UK.

You have kids?

In Ireland (not in the UK but close) they found all Roman Catholic run Childrens Homes, Boarding Schools and Orphanages had systemic sexual abuse of children. In Holland, another small European Country, they found 10,000 child victims of 800 paedophile Roman Catholic priests - and RC is not even their main religion!

Oh! And religion thrives where people just go with the flow and pretend that it isn't a problem.

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