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@ ccw Evolution may have determined that groupthink was better for survival purposes than the ability to use logic on abstract questions.

I think humans and all animals who work in concert are the ones who learned that . Evolution was involved in the biological aspects of the organism not the intellectual ones. Biological aspects may include superior brain power than other species. Or simply just the amount you need. What the organism does with this is no longer in the realm of biological evolution it becomes evolution of though process.

After learning that living a sheltered life people may have decided to live with more people. Or in some cases it started with family growth. In large families they all work together for common goals. It would make sense the same would apply to other groups joining in to work together. Then form a community. It happens like this too in the wild.

evolution found no utility, in terms of promoting survival, in abstract logical ability.The capacity for using logic to solve practical, everyday problems - that we have

Were we all born with capacity or with logic ? I don't think it is a matter of evolution as an entity doing something. Evolution is a process but it is purely accidental. It does not premeditate as one might. It starts with the organism and what is the environment .

The organism need to adapt to changing environments . Chemical changes in the body of an organism, can lead to genetic mutations beneficial to the new environment ,coding for the environment need for adaptation...Subsequent progeny will carry the instructions to contain the beneficial aspects of the mutation. Finally becoming a complete adaptation though out that species. This complete process is evolution.

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